Thursday, June 04, 2009

Peaceable Kingdom

Edward Hicks created the “Peaceable Kingdom” painting, a child in the midst of various creatures which would not mind eating him, or each other, without a moment’s thought. But they don’t; all are gathered about, happy as can be.

I’d like a situation of that nature, where nothing runs from me, nor do I run from anything else. Mama bears and her cubs are friends of mine, wolves come up and see if I have any treats for them.

The best I can do is our campus, where the squirrels look at us idly as we walk by and the robins may or may not glance at us as they peck for a noon meal. Maybe that’s as peaceable as it’s going to get: the occasional lost deer keep their distance and the only bear we’ve seen was lost and just needed directions to the nearest wooded area.

We do have a statue of St. Francis, leaning over to pet a wolf. Whether or not the wolf sees his fingers as fingers, or as sausages is up to one’s interpretation, but I’d be darned careful if I were he.

But St. F. hasn’t even attracted a pigeon. At least, not one which has left the typical pigeon calling-card. I wonder if pigeons don’t like to land on bronze? They are naturally attracted to crags and stony hills, which is why they head for statues and tall ledges in buildings. Maybe God, or Mother Nature, or something gives St. Francis a pass and pigeons leave him alone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

...or maybe piegons are showing reverence to their patron'

June 06, 2009 7:43 AM  
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