Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

I’ve only three days to get my New Year’s Resolutions done. Problem is, I can’t remember what I resolved twelve months ago.

If and when I bring them back to mind, do I have enough time to do them? Will 72 hours be enough for all I planned to do when 2008 rolled in?

Or maybe I didn’t make any; that happens occasionally. I just figure I won’t keep them, or will forget what I planned to do, so I let it slip for that year.

Some years back, the idea was to get (and keep) my room neat and clean. I’ve moved four times since then and there has been little, if any, change.

Maybe I can make a resolution to write down my resolutions and post them somewhere visible so I don’t forget through the year what I’ve resolved.

But that would make it easy for others to see the areas in which I am deficient. Facts which, I suppose, they already know and have known for a long time.

One per month. At the top of the calendar page will go the item for the following 30 or 31 days. For a month, I can do just about anything that would be unbearable or not workable for an entire year. Maybe, if I go at it for a month, I really can get my closet in shape, get my room reasonably orderly. Could work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Y'know being a humble person, I have weighed my New Year's choice of Resolutions over the year and last night while discussing this matter with my wife, she told me not to make any as there is no longer any room for improvement.

Exit 318

December 30, 2008 7:28 AM  

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