Saturday, December 06, 2008

Eternal Life

A Saturday in June when the sun is out, the temperature is just right and there is no clock. The meadow is endless and any of my friends I want are there.

Endless curiosity about everything, with all the time I need to find the answers to my questions, and the ability to wonder about all that matters.

The ability to make friends quickly (not one of my talents here on earth) and remember who’s who (also lacking) so I can appreciate the vast range of talents, personalities and spirits that exist in the people who did, do and will populate the planet.

Quiet conversations with the people who made the world what it is today. The thinkers, the inventors, the philosophers. We will all be on an equal basis and need not fear approaching any of the major figures of the past.

Not having to worry that we will run out of time.

Knowing that I am home forever, I am safe forever, I am where I was destined to be and will never be separated from it and my Creator.

It would be nice, since there is a resurrection of the body, to have some creature comforts there. A hot mug of tea occasionally would be good; maybe vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and a cherry on top.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I imagine that a certain Frank Everett Vail awaits your arrival

Exit 318

December 09, 2008 7:06 AM  

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