Monday, October 13, 2008

The Major And Minor Vendettas

Oh, these are fun.

In days of olde, when knights were bold… You might have (a) someone who’s in your way as you rise to power, or (b) someone you absolutely hate with all your being. You need to get rid of both, but want to do it the right way.

I was reading about this a long, long time ago. Finally, I found backing for my memory (actually tonight) and wish to present it to you. Read, but do not imitate; it violates several laws and society’s norms.

The Minor Vendetta:
Some guy is between you and whatever throne you want. You have no hard feelings against him, but he’s gotta go. “Nothing personal, guy.” So, in those supposedly religious days, you waited until he had been to confession and communion; on the way out of church, you dropped out of a tree and stabbed him to death. He goes to heaven, you get the position he held and all is well.

The Major Vendetta:
You can probably see this one coming. You hate the guy; you hate him here on earth and you will hate him in the hereafter. So you wait until you are sure he is in mortal sin and then you kill him so he’s not only dead, but he is currently roasting in the flames of Hell. Of course, you will probably end up there, too, for doing this.


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