Monday, October 06, 2008

My Life Is Like Squeezing Jell-O

Ever try it? You can get most of it in your hand, but then a glob comes through your fingers; contain that amount and it pops out somewhere else.

When I can keep my blog current, then I get behind on putting my cd’s away after listening to them (the machine holds five). If I have a newspaper column due and laundry, several loads, to do then the blog suffers – and this one is being written on Tuesday, despite what the header says. My radio show has to be prepped every day, but that might mean I need an extension on the column, the laundry and the blog.

Normally, I don’t unpack from a cruise for several weeks. This time, I did it the next day, but I had someone else doing my radio show for two days after I returned.

At least it’s better than sitting around bored, flipping through the channels to see what’s on tv and is less dull than whatever else is on. You can slowly strangle your brain that way and become a dull, gray person.

But the squeezing Jell-O ends when I go on vacation, on a cruise. I know that some people love to cram lots of activities into their time onboard and when on shore excursions, but I find it great to just hang out in the Lido buffet restaurant with a mug of tea, something to read and a pair of binoculars.

There is nothing like leaving the Jell-O at home.


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