Thursday, September 25, 2008

The I.Q. Of A Dead Fish

Sheesh! Ke-RAP! Fer cryin’ out loud! S’matter? You got rocks in your head? Or is your head up your @?

We had Collegetown Day in Public Square with over a thousand studs and studettes. The cops not only said they would be on the lookout for underage drinking (caught 14) but would also be keeping a very close eye on The Places Of Cheer And Enlightenment. Also known as bars.

In other words, if you own a tavern, you have been warned – and specifically that there will be an underage decoy working with the cops trying to get a mug of Milwaukee’s finest. They all knew this, including the two bars that got nailed.

One would think, if, indeed, one was capable of thinking, that if the cops told you: “On Saturday, there will be a lot of college kids downtown. We will be using decoys to make sure you don’t serve underage. Got it?” Then, if you were told that, you would be on your best behaviour. You would card your mother. You would card the cop.

How hard can that be? When you return to a cruise ship from being in port, you need two forms of identification: The ship’s and your driver’s license or passport; the guard looks at both, checks the photo and then lets you back on the ship. You are obviously tourists. Is it too hard to check a student’s i.d.? Is it too hard to turn down a sale? Not being careful costs you a lot of sales.


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