Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Sex!

Actually, it should be: “More Sexes!” as in, “More Genders.” We only have two and that’s the way it’s been since God invented “Insert part A into Part B, stir, let bake for nine months, remove from oven.”

But what if there had always been three genders? Now we have to clear our minds of the present situation. Wipe out The Way It’s Always Been. Forget the current notion of Birds & Bees. Let’s imagine a world in which the forms look like this:

Check one: [ ] Guy [ ] Gal [ ] Yart
(“Yart” is a made-up word.)

So now we have three distinct styles of people, all of whom can get along (think: bed down) with each other and produce like unto themselves. Would we have three rest rooms in public places? Or will we not really care at all and just have unisex pooperies with the usual privacy stalls?

The world has been populated with two genders since, as far as we know, Day One. The Bible says they were made male and female and who better to ask? But let’s suppose somewhere in the universe God decided to make them Guy, Gal and Yart. They would visit our planet and say, “Only two genders? What went wrong with your creation?” Or, why should we be limited to just male and female?

The universe is a big place.