Tuesday, June 24, 2008


April 4, 2006: posting #1 on “Things At King’s, Life on North Franklin.”

So, here we are at posting #800, June 24, 2008.

How many topics are out there? As many as all of us together can imagine. But imagination is something we tend to repress as we get older. “Older” = “anytime after about third grade.” Sometime around there, we have to grow up and do it fast; we can’t look out the window and dream, nor can we play in the gutter while a pouring rain sends water down the street.

Someone told me their 4-year-old was immature. I said, “If you can’t be immature at four, when can you?” It’s important that we keep seeing things in a different way, that we (as I often say, when caught daydreaming) “ponder the mysteries of the universe.”

So you’re middle-aged and remember how neat it was to see things and animals in clouds. It still is. What do you say to people who catch you looking up at the sky? You tell them that, for a few minutes, you are being a little child again and happy to recommend it to anyone who is tired of being an adult 24/7.

Sure, you can do 800 blogs because there are far more things to talk about than just that number. I haven’t even thought of butterflies doing free-weight lifts to get in shape for their long trip to Mexico every year.


Anonymous ruthc said...

800 entries. My. My. My.

Congratulations on an impressive record. I'm looking forward to the next 800! :)

June 24, 2008 10:28 AM  

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