Tuesday, May 06, 2008

They Lived In Interesting Times

Everybody has a story…

Irene Jakubiak, who used to live here; passed away downstate at 85. During World War II, she made tail assemblies for B-26 Marauders in Jersey City. All of those Rosie the Riveters are getting up in years now.

Lee Kay, born here, lived down south for many years before his passing. He was a captain in World War II, heading a Quartermaster section of a general depot for the Army, responsible for all supplies for China, Burma and Northeastern India. This was the support for the construction of the Burma Road, and even getting horses for Merill’s Marauders.

Leo J. “Uncle Leo” McTigue also left us, just six weeks before his 96th birthday. He was a bartender for more than 50 years. In 1990, he became one of the first inductees to the Heritage Bartenders Hall of Fame.

Max Bartikowsky is still with us and as long as he is, the Joe Palooka comic strip is still alive (just disregard its newspaper death in 1984). Remember Little Max, the shoeshine boy who never spoke? That was Max Bartikowsky, a shy little boy who used to go up and down the street where cartoonist Ham Fisher lived. Max is the owner of Bartikowsky Jewelers here in the city; a little long in the tooth these days, he little resembles the cute little kid of the comic strip.


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