Friday, May 02, 2008

Pack A Sandwich; We're Going On A Trip

Astronomy has always fascinated me; I can stare at the Hubble Telescope photo of a galaxy-rich section of the sky and just be overcome in wonder. There are few things that take my concentration than the vastness of our universe, the size of creation.

When my time in this part of life has finished and I am on my way to the next segment of my existence, I’d like to take (then or later) a tour of the universe in my body-free, pure spirit state.

To go from our galaxy to the Andromeda in a matter of minutes – which takes light something like two million years – seems like an awfully good trip. Traveling from here to our sun and even entering it, going to its very core, would be such an experience. How about going to the last galaxy out there, at the edge of the universe, and seeing what is beyond the edge. Nothing, of course; the end is the end. There is no big brick wall, there is no wide empty space; just nothing.

I’d love to be taken to the center of the universe, the place where the Big Bang occurred. It’s the spot where a sub-atomic-sized particle, infinitely dense and infinitely hot, blew up one fine day and created everything that exists everywhere.

It’s still blowing up, in case you were wondering. Ok, you weren’t wondering; but it’s still blowing up, possibly (probably?) without end and all of those galaxies are moving away from each other as fast as they can.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

GREAT BLOG.........amongst your top-3


May 04, 2008 8:51 AM  
Blogger D.B. Echo said...

Check out Phil Plait's Bad Astonomy on the subject of The Center of the Universe.

I haven't actually watched it yet, so I don't want to say something like "The center of the Universe is actually everywhere!" Which I think is technically correct, though probably lacking in some important points.

May 04, 2008 7:06 PM  

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