Saturday, March 08, 2008

Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Snow

The first word I received was that it was pouring in nearby Nanticoke. We had some rain here, but barely enough to require an umbrella. On my way over to Exeter, a bit later, I saw some lightning fairly close by. Later, we had strong winds, followed by snow. The river, which had risen from five feet to riverbank level of 22’ in one day was on its way down, but at 15’ started rising again and today is heading toward flood stage again.

“This is an unusual weather day,” I said, mostly to myself and in slightly different terms to whoever happened to be nearby.

By this time, someone generally has come along to tell me that it’s a sign from God that we have to change our ways. At which statement I usually reply that God being the Supreme Being, he or she or whatever can probably do better than that in communicating with us. I never did much believe that our Creator sends hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and floods to punish people; I think it’s just forces of nature doing what forces of nature have always done.

Today, those forces of nature happened to be having a little harmless fun at our expense. A little rain, a little lightning, some snow, some wind, the river rising; none of that will hurt anybody and besides, March has to come in like a lion, all the better to go out like a lamb. Nothing much happened in the first eight days, so on Day Nine, we get it all.

Mother Nature likes to joke around just as much as we do.


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