Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Guy Who Spins Plates On Variety Shows

I may have mentioned this before, but there used to be a guy who would spin plates on these long sticks, on the Ed Sullivan variety tv show. Years ago, back when tv was a lot more fun and there were shows that the whole family could watch together and enjoy.

This fellow would get the plates (six of them, I think) spinning, and as the last one got going, the first would go into a death wobble. He’d get that one back to life, then the second or third would start oscillating. Never did he lose one; the guy had his act down well and I appreciated his skill.

Brings us to today. It’s Thursday’s blog, written in the wee small hours of Saturday morning. My blog plates are wobbling, but I’m up to date in ripping good articles from back issues of the NY Times. I use the undated articles as reading material on the cruise ships and, while I was keeping the blog plates spinning, the Times started to wobble. They were piling up all over my room. A pile here, a pile there, another two piles behind my recliner. It looked as if some pack rat was here.

Meanwhile, my clothes come out of the dryer, get folded and land in a sort of neat pile in my bedroom. Now that I have a handle on the Times and, hopefully, on this blog, they will be next. Or will the blog return to being a day late? Or the Times start piling up again?

My recliner is full of things that really should be somewhere else. Another wobbler.


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