Friday, February 29, 2008

Yearly Car Inspection

I realized yesterday (the 28th) that my car has to be inspected this month. Fortunately for me, although Caesar Augustus was vain enough to take one day from February just to make his month longer than many others, we needed to add a day now and then to make up for the fact that although the Pope is the Pope and supposedly is right about everything, the Pope named Gregory still needed an extra day every four years except in years ending with zero except in century years unless the End of the World happens, which takes precedence.

But I digress. Today’s blog is about getting my car inspected, not about Popery.

Anyway, I thought of it on the 28th and the place where I have my car serviced said they’d take care of it on the 29th, no problem. I dodged the bullet that time.

Actually, since the bulk of my driving is at night, the coppers would never be able to see the wrong-colored, wrong-dated window stickers. It would be my luck to have God strike me down for such duplicity by being pulled over on my way to church Sunday morning.

I didn’t need an emissions test, because I didn’t drive the required 5,000 miles this year. Not the first time; I think my little heap gets off every other year. Maybe I can run a little bet on the side with someone and see if I can go five years in a row with an under-5,000 mile emissions exemption.

If you see a rust-red Cavalier, RHV88-5, give a wave. “RHV” are the initials of my radio show and “88-5” is where you will find it.


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