Saturday, December 15, 2007

Well, They Tried

Went to Mass this afternoon. Sometimes I go on Saturday, sometimes on Sunday; regardless, I hear the same organist but on Saturday she also leads the music from the loft of the small church.

Today it was pretty awful. Turns out to be a replacement for the regular gal; aside from one real whiff on the first chord, she played the machine ok, but couldn’t sing worth anything. Give her a bucket, she couldn’t carry a tune in it. Organs are somewhat mechanical: hit a middle-C and that’s what comes out. No guessing, no “close enough,” no “little bit flat there, lady.”

Alfred Fuller, long gone now, tried to sell brushes door-to-door. He set a standard for failure. Knew how to do it, but just couldn’t do it himself. So he set up a company and taught others how to peddle. And thus he made his millions. You can have a great idea, you can teach others how to do it, all the while being unable to handle the job yourself.

One famous comedian admitted she did not know how to write jokes. It just wasn’t something she had a talent for. But delivering them? She was tops.

Everybody Has A Story.
Leo Cotter was a local fellow who passed away this week. While in the Air Force, his unit participated in seven atomic bomb tests and received the Presidential Unit Citation in 1953 for discovering Russia had the hydrogen bomb.


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