Sunday, December 09, 2007

Anybody Can Be Shot Out Of A Cannon

But how many people can make the Guinness Book of World Records for having traveled through the air for 118 feet after being hit by a car? And one going 70 mph, at that.

Our guy was by the side of the road when the car hit him. Off he went, up he went, away he went; Superman without a cape. Eventually, he came down and what bones weren’t broken in the initial impact got their turn when he hit the ground. Actually, for what happened, I think he made out pretty much ok with relatively little damage.

I knew a woman who fell down her cellar stairs and met Jesus at the bottom; this guy get hit by a speeding car, flies down the street and lives to tell about it. There just ain’t no justice. Or, some people are just tremendously lucky in extreme circumstances, while those in ordinary accidents cash in their chips and nobody notices.

I wonder what the guy thought as he sailed through the air? “Wow! I can see my house from here!” Or, maybe, “If I hold my arms the right way, I might be able to land in that pile of hay instead of that truckload of cement blocks.” He could have been thinking, “This is not what I planned when I got up this morning.”

Of course, there are a lot of things that happen to us which we had not planned on. I was in a record shop back in the ‘50s when the Mouseketeers all piled in. Why they showed up, I haven’t the faintest idea; all I remember was how nice Annette (my age) looked. The others were far too young to be interesting.


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