Friday, December 14, 2007

Movin' On, Movin' Out

Nah, not me; a friend of mine who lives in a mobile home. They aren’t large places, but you’d be surprised a just how much they can hold. Closet here, closet there, shelving in various spots. Trips from one house to another, .8 of a mile. But whether it’s .8 or 100, you still have to pack, load and unload. Then turn around and make another trip.


Now it’s too dark. Now it’s raining too hard. Now it’s snowing too hard. But we get it done, while the new owner-to-be keeps asking, “Can I move in tomorrow?” Ha! He doesn’t know what he’s in for. He just can’t move all his stuff in one day, but we won’t tell him that. Maybe he does know, because he just wants to move his stuff, but not himself at this point.

I told my friend to under-promise and over-deliver. Tell him it will be next Saturday, then let him know he can move in Tuesday. I think that makes good business sense. Tell people you can deliver the product in two days, then let them know it can come the next day; the word will get out that you are quick.

All she has to do now is clean the place, which is already is good shape, call the guy, exchange keys for money and legal documents, and walk away. It’s the first “home” she’s owned, but the place she’s in now is a real house and a nice place. Now to get a new kitty, as hers went to Cat Heaven a little over a month ago, and all will be complete.


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