Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Few Follow-Ups

Or, “let’s see … where was I?” Ah, yes; I was going to update you on some of the postings I’ve made this month. Here we go.

Oct 9: “Our cat who art in heaven”:
Kenai’s human companion will have its ashes buried in a pet-loving relative’s yard. The vet’s office couldn’t have been nicer. A pet that’s not yours is just another animal, but they can be genuine companions when you live alone.

Oct 8: “Our best-known street person has passed on”:
Charlie Weiss had a simple viewing and an equally simple service at the funeral home. For someone who lived on, and wandered, the streets, it was nicely attended. We felt everyone who shares this planet has a right to a send-off of one kind or another.

Oct 5: “Chance of widely-scattered Doppler”:
Yes, the weather did change. Rather quickly, too. The weather guy on tv said it would and he was right. Behind the nice stuff was a band of thunderstorms; behind them was a cold front and behind that is winter.

Oct 1: “The Lump”:
I used to very occasionally remind people that guys get breast cancer, too. Now I’m a little more active in the “by the way” department. Yes, we are not only a minority, but a small one at that – but if we find a lump, it’s necessary to find out what it is, and why it’s there.


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