Friday, October 05, 2007

Chance Of Widely-Scattered Doppler

I was looking at the Doppler radar map, courtesy of and saw the dreaded blue smudges up in northern Idaho. Green indicates rain; yellow is heavy rain; red is “We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.” Blue? Snow, light to dark, little to lots.

A few days ago, in this spot, I referred to Autumn as “Nature’s warning track,” and the radar weather map gives us a live shot at what’s going on over the horizon.

Blue is what’s going on. Ok, Idaho is way far from here and the weather we’ve had lately has been particularly nice. But the last time I checked, Autumn *followed* summer, not the other way around. And since I’ve been online, those little bits of blue start to get bigger and move easterly as we ease out the year.

It’s inevitable, folks; the first blue has appeared on the weather map. So enjoy what nice days we have and put off as much as you can. Drive with your car window down, hang out on the front porch, go to the ice cream stand.

You don’t want to be watching the snow coming down and think, “You know, I could have been driving with the window open, letting the wind into the car, listening to the sounds and smells. I could have been hanging out in the evening, because the news will be the same and I can read about it in the newspaper. I could have been slowly and softly licking an ice cream cone, enjoying every small lick, instead of some crappy donuts.”


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