Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Contrivance For Reckoning Days & Months

Calendar: A table showing the division of a given year into its months and days, and referring the days of each month to the days of the week. (Oxford English Dictionary)

Calendariographer: A calendar-maker (OED, same as blog title)

It’s the end of September and back in the Olde Days, basically when I was in grammar school, I’d look for calendars around the middle of December. Life then didn’t extend more than a day or two in the future and I never needed to know, much less schedule, when anything was going to happen.

Now I’m doing radio, working part-time in a college and booking cruises a year in advance. Suddenly, having next year’s calendar by the end of September is actually running late. I’ll have to check out the Barnes & Noble college bookstore downtown on Monday, see what they’ve got.

We are arranging meetings for a time to come, some spin of the planet and, by using this device, have a mutual agreement as to when it will be. Perhaps it’s ten years in the future, yet we will both be there. I have arranged a cruise for thirteen months from now and the calendar is our agreed-upon way of measuring how many times the earth will spin between then and now; we don’t even have to count … it’s all done for us.

Short of the Second Coming, it’s the unstoppable calendar going well into the future.


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