Saturday, September 29, 2007

Right This Way, Thief

Someone’s car alarm just went off. Ho-hum; big deal. I hope they get out and turn it off pretty soon because it’s going to annoy people (not me, because it’s too far down the street).

The chances that it’s being robbed? Remote to zero. The chances that the alarm sounded for some silly reason? High to absolute. There it goes again; once more and it might affect the amount of air in the car’s tires, if you know what I mean.

Does anyone pay attention to these? Yes, indeed. Let me tell you a brief story.

Friend of mine was trying out a new car from the dealer and brought it around to my house about half a mile from the showroom. In the process of looking it over, we set off the car alarm she didn’t know was there, nor had any idea how to stop. So she drove back to the dealer with the horn blaring, whistles screaming, headlights flashing.

And the other drivers pulled over for her. Everybody was so courteous to who they assumed was a person in distress. Even with the usual sights and sounds of a car alarm, they just gave her a clear path. She’s 4' 11" tall, hardly what you’d think of a car thief, sailing along in what appeared to be a stolen vehicle.

She made it to the dealer’s with no problem, nobody calling the cops on their cell phones. Problem fixed; suspicions as to value of car alarms verified.


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