Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dream A Little Dream With Me

So, I’m sitting here listening to some quiet music on the radio. For me, sitting still and hearing quiet music means only one thing: time to fall asleep, regardless of what time it might be.

I don’t know how quickly people go into a dream state, but with me it’s pretty fast. As I sit here, wondering what I will write about tonight, I drift off and some really neat ideas come into my mind. When I wake up, they are gone; a few of them I remember, and they are so odd I couldn’t possibly write about them. In a dream, they seemed so reasonable; in real life, just strange beyond belief.

Generally, I get about three first-run movies every night. At least, those I recall when I get up in the morning. Not too many repeats.

Some of the nicest strings are on the New York bus when I doze off and wake up several times during the trip. Then I get lots of those “short films” with quick plots. (As an aside, I was sleeping through New Jersey once and woke up to find the young lady next to me, who had also fallen asleep, ended up leaning on me. “Nice,” I thought; “you don’t get this often.” When she woke up, I pretended to be asleep so as not to embarrass her.)

Where would I like to dream? On a cruise ship, for one. I don’t know that it would change anything about my nighttime reveries, but it’s sure a nice place to have them. Other than that, it makes no difference. But let me tell you: There is nothing quite like waking up from some little adventure and seeing the ocean outside.


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