Monday, July 09, 2007

When We All Agree On Global Warming

One of these days, the Sun is going to start expanding. Not just a few feet or a few miles, but big time. Mercury will be its appetizer; Venus will be the main course and Earth will be dessert. It won’t much matter to us what happens to Mars and the rest that lie beyond us. Toast doesn’t think, and we’ll all be toast.

“Here’s the pinpoint weather for this evening. It’s going to be a cool one; temperatures will drop into the lower 130’s and tomorrow’s high around 180 will break with severe thunderstorms and the usual F-5 tornados sweeping across the region all afternoon. We’ll probably break the 200 mark by next month. When summer comes, expect temperatures seasonally higher.”

Unless the sun blows up in a supernova, which is not possible (or so they say), we will be long gone by the time all this happens. Most likely, it won’t be for some billions of years and who knows what we will have evolved/mutated into by then? That assumes the Second Coming hasn’t occurred in the meantime.

But suppose the sun does blow up, just for discussion. There we are, sitting in the backyard, enjoying a beer, watching the kids in the pool, listening to a game on the radio, when =bang= all of a sudden the sky is filled with this enormous explosion. Two million years later, an astronomer in the Andromeda galaxy shouts across the room, “Holy S**t! Hey, guys, get a load of this! Some star in that galaxy over there just blew up! Let’s see; it’s two million light-years away from us, so if it had life on any planets, they must have had the surprise of their lives.”


Anonymous ruthc said...

But suppose the sun does blow up, just for discussion.

Tell me again why I'm eating vegetables instead of chocolate?

July 09, 2007 4:09 PM  
Anonymous ColdJoshVail said...

OK for GW, but today I could have fired up my woodstove this morning.

It has not gotten near 70 here for awhile and into the low 50's at night.

But then again it is only July.........

July 09, 2007 4:12 PM  

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