Saturday, April 28, 2007

Back From The Newspaper

Just got back from the newspaper and, here it is after midnight again. I really have to post earlier in the day, as this shows up as a Saturday post when it really is for Friday.

I used to hear the old folks ask where the time went and wonder what they were talking about. Usually, I was half-bored during the day. There were too many hours and never quite enough things to do. Then I reached a point in life when it pretty much balanced out and I could fit things in just right. Now I’m one of those old folks who don’t know where the time has gone.

It’s probably nothing more than an accumulation of activities and such that fill the hours we had too many of before. When I was a kid, I probably read only one science publication and now I get three. I used to watch trains and now I get two or three trains magazines. I read one newspaper and now it’s two or three.

At least the time is going somewhere useful and not being wasted by watching some mindless afternoon tv show where everybody is screaming a lot and jumping up and down. There seem to be a lot of those these days. Before, you would get the fairly quiet humor of Art Linkletter, the slow and easy pace of “Club 60” or the live puppet shows in the afternoon. I don’t know if tv was any better then, although I suspect it was, but it certainly was quieter and more relaxed.

Still, I’d rather post an hour or two late because I was busily occupied, rather than because I was watching people screaming and clapping and jumping up and down.