Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What Does A Shoe Horn Play?

Footnotes. But you already knew that.

Speaking of which, I broke another shoelace today. That’s 0-2 for the skinny little things which, I think, came from the dollar store. Next set of laces will be from the two-dollar store; perhaps I’ll have better luck.

You’d think there might be a standard of quality for these things. For everything. Maybe that’s why we have brand names; we know what’s inside when the name is on the outside. Up until recently, when brand names seem to be bought and sold so that they are hardly worth their imprint.

I’m sure there must be one for shoelaces and when I go down to the Square, I’ll look for something familiar. At the moment, I can’t think of any.

There appear to be brand names for everything in this world. No matter what you want, even down to kitty litter (I use recycled newspapers made into pellets, “Yesterdays News”), there is a brand.

Having said that, and having also fallen asleep while writing this, I think I’ll take the Tom Carten brand of person over to my something brand of mattress and see you in this spot sometime on Thursday.


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