Monday, March 26, 2007

Because That's Where The Money Is

Those are the most famous words bank robber Willie Sutton never said. Someone figured he would have, if he did, and since he should have, then he did.

Oddly enough, you don’t make money robbing banks. It may be where the money is, but it’s not where the pickings are. The chances of getting caught are too close to 100% to try, but try they do. Then it blows up in their face – literally. The money wrap they are given is loaded with dye and a timer. Just about the time you exit the bank, it explodes and you look like the loser in a paintball contest.

Most of them are caught, red-handed (no joke) or not in less than an hour. Others take a bit longer. Eventually, they end up wearing stripes and spending two-to-five thinking about the foolishness of it all. Their cellmate could have told them earlier.

Everybody has a story.
John Ripley, from back home, died Sunday. “As a youngster, he brought home ‘pet’ seals from Boston Harbor for a swim in the family bathtub. He flew from the black cinder runways of East Boston Airport, known today as Logan. John began instructing British Royal Air Force cadets in how to fly those big yellow Stearman biplanes. He survived numerous crashes by the young cadets, some involving embarrassing landings with the wheels pointing heavenward. John moved to Stratford CT, just a few hundred yards from the town dump. He assured his family that imminent conversion of the dump to a park would eliminate the awful smell and transform the area into a recreational paradise. He was right - 35 years later.”


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