Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Very Important Call

So there I was, sitting at the counter in my optometrist’s office as my frames were being adjusted. They were the noisiest frames I’ve ever had and it turns out the screws were loose. Two had already dropped out, one taking a nose piece with it, the other taking a lens (which did not break).

Anyway, there I am when my cellphone rings. “Well,” I thought, “only two people have my number and I can eliminate one of them right away.” So I fumbled with the thing, trying to figure out how to answer it; I’ve only had it for a couple of days and not used it yet. So much for looking like a sophisticate.

So, first call on the new phone; what will the “first time” be like? It’s from the friend who is wondering if I am at her new house working on the toilet seat. I want to make it sound very important and very professional as I get my glasses adjusted, but there aren’t too many ways you can talk around the process without using the word “toilet” or “toilet seat.” Besides, I’ve already blown it when I said, “I wonder how I answer this thing?”

I did, eventually, get to her place and examine the toilet under consideration. Some stuff needed tightening and I had brought my toolbox with me. Something else looked as if it could benefit from being hit a few times with the handle of a large screwdriver, and I guessed right.

It’s not rocket science, but some items are more important than rockets.


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