Saturday, January 13, 2007

The English Channel

I was watching The History Channel earlier today when I saw an ad for The Golf Channel. “Huh,” I huhed, “that’s still on?” I remember it being one of the earlier niche cable offerings that I heard about some years ago. Never thought it would go anywhere, but it’s still here. I think I was watching The History Channel. Might have been The National Geographic Channel.

It wasn’t on SpeedVision, the racing channel; I haven’t watched The Outdoor Channel or Outdoor Life Channel in a while. It could have been on The Discovery Channel, or Discovery Health Channel, as I have them on fairly often.

We only get about half of the Discovery Network Channels here. We’re missing the Discovery New York Times, the Discovery Military Channel, the Discovery Science Channel and maybe something else. We do get Animal Planet, TLC and The Travel Channel, all part of the network.

We have two channels at the college, both internal only. PennDOT has a channel, which shows live road and traffic conditions at four locations plus Public Square and, no, it’s not more interesting than it sounds.

I forgot there was a Game Show Channel, but I do know that the soap opera channel seems to be popular around here. The English Channel? Still between England and Europe.


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