Monday, January 08, 2007

Same Old Same Old

Years ago, I was reading a novel in which one character was giving advice to another. “When a person gets into his thirties, either he develops new energies or he dies.”

Not literally, of course, but maybe worse in some ways. We continue to live, but not much better than museum pieces, reflecting how we were at one time in our lives. Are now. And will be until we die.

In our obituary, somebody will write, “His/her life was ‘Same Old Same Old.’” While other people were starting flower gardens, spending a few hours each week volunteering, or trying a hobby they always wanted to pick up, they just did the same old thing, day after day. “What’s new?” Nothing; nothing was new last week or last year; nothing will be new tomorrow or next year.

Being around someone like that is like being stuck on a desert island with a newspaper. It never changes. Same stories, same editorials, same comics. How boring to be stuck with something that never changes! How horrible to be that calcified person!

Libraries are filled with books of all types, which can open our minds to knowledge we never knew existed. We can learn about the past, about our times, about anything that interests us.

Never again will we ever say, to the What’s New question: “Same Old Same Old.”


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