Sunday, December 31, 2006

Taking It Out, Bringing It In

I’ve been around radio for a good many years (actually, a good many decades), including times when it was a rather tenuous connection and a definite eyebrow-raiser. Too long a story for here. I know I’ve worked Christmas Eve and Christmas at one place or another; you don’t forget that. I’m sure I’ve worked New Year’s Eve, but I just can’t remember it. If I worked Christmas Eve at this one station, I should have worked New Year’s Eve as well; they’re a week apart.

Unless I’m one of the few radio newsmen and/or disc jockeys who never had the experience of taking out the old year and bringing in the new year. It’s the kind of thing you don’t forget: “And now, we leave Nineteen (old year) and enter into Nineteen (new year).” Nope; never said it. Either I was watching Guy Lombardo or Dick Clark.

I’ve worked in a time zone “corner,” where we were in EST, a few miles west was CDT and a few miles north was EDT. Try announcing upcoming program times juggling all that around in your head!

I’ve taken out Beethoven and brought in Pink Floyd. It was at a station which was classical until midnight, then classic rock in the wee small hours. I’d finish the classical music, then chat with the overnighter as he, off-mic, started moving into the announce chair and I would begin moving off-mic. It was an announcer switch you could see over the radio.

May you take time in 2007 to ponder the mysteries of the universe.


Anonymous ruthc said...

The best of times to you, Tom, and to all who enjoy your daily musings.

December 31, 2006 9:47 PM  

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