Friday, January 05, 2007

The Disc Jockeys' Bad Dream

This was supposed to be Thursday’s blog but, darn it all to heck, I couldn’t access my account to get in here.

“What is your user name?” Well, let’s see … when Blogspot owned the site, it was one thing, but when Google bought it, then it changed. At least I have a binder with all my subscriptions in it, all the usernames and passwords for each site. But the first one didn’t work (Blogger), nor did the second. So I checked the Google name and pw; those let me in.

It was something like trying to get into your house late at night when you have to find your front door key almost totally by touch. You have several similar keys and, in the process of finding the right one, you try a couple of them twice before you finally hit it.

The unsettling dream every disc jockey has is that of arriving at the radio station, finding it empty, the previous record (or tape, or network feed) ready to run out. And you can’t get the studio door open, or you can’t find anything to play, or the studio has been moved and the room is vacant.

Other professions probably have their nightmares, as well, but for us in radio, this is the common dream. For internet people (all of us), it’s not being able to find the right user name and/or password for a particular account.

So, it’s overnight from Thursday and I finally got in to blog.


Anonymous ruthc said...

You're using the wrong marker of when the "day" ends. It doesn't end at midnight! It ends when you retire for the night.
Therefore, this blog entry was done on Thursday.

January 05, 2007 8:42 AM  

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