Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ha, Ha; You Can't Catch Me

Some people commit crimes and then take refuge in a country which does not have an extradition treaty with theirs. There they live, rich and happy until their predetermined number of heartbeats is reached and they pass on without the indignity of a trial and imprisonment. Others have better defense lawyers than the prosecution; if anything does happen to them, it's of such minor consequence they smile with a shrug of their shoulders and take the ritual slap on the wrists.

They got away with it.

Hitler shot himself; O. J. Simpson vowed to spend the rest of his life looking for his wife's killer, at least on golf courses and at country clubs; Ken Lay, after ruining thousands of peoples' savings and retirement accounts, died of a massive coronary before seeing the inside of a jail.

Never served a minute of time; got off scot-free.

Remember the old adding machines that had a "Subtotal" button on them? You would push it to see where you stood at any particular point in your calculations. When you were done, and only then, you pushed the "Total" button to finish the transaction (or whatever you were working on). I am a firm believer that, on this planet and in our creation, we do not have a "Total" button in our justice system. Two reasons: (1) We can make mistakes and punish people who are innocent, or not as guilty as we assume; (2) People can get away with things for which they really should pay a penalty. All we are allowed is to push the "Subtotal" button and do the best we can.

The "Total" button gets activated only by our Creator when we are being judged. He does it after adding or subtracting those items we missed or had no control over. The crimes we skipped out of, the ill-treatment we excused by saying, "I have the law on my side," the wrongs inflicted on us for which we were unable to fight against. These plusses and minuses are entered and, only then, the "Total" button is pushed.

We will hear:
-"Welcome into my kingdom, good and faithful servant."
-"Depart from me, you accursed, into the fires of Hell."

It won't come as a surprise. We knew it all along and realized, as that pain in the chest struck, that we were about to meet all our loved ones -- or that we were about to experience the pain we had caused others, but for all eternity.

There really is no such saying as, "Ha, ha; you can't catch me."


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