Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Other Shoe

...As in, we're waiting for it to drop.

For those of you who never lived in an apartment with poorly-padded floors, you'd be lying in bed at night and the fellow over you would take off the first shoe and drop in on the floor. You would wait for the other shoe to drop, sometimes wondering why it took him so long. =thud= Ok, you can go to sleep now.

It rained a lot here in the last day or two but, more importantly, it rained a lot in the Binghamton NY area. That's where our river comes from and their rain becomes our high water. We have "river banks" level (22 feet) and we have "dikes" level (41 or 42 feet). As of early this morning, crest levels are predicted to be about 36-38 feet; we've all been there and done that, a function of living where we do. Someone asked if the college is near the action and I said, "We're on River Street, so that might tell you something."

Parts of the city, the low-lying South Wilkes-Barre area, have a mandatory evacuation order. Oddly enough, it has nothing at all to do with the river. It has much to do with that pesky Solomon's Creek which meanders down from the Back Mountain and goes through the south end at near ankle depth. When there is a lot of rain in the hilly section, which has been the case these days, all bets are off down there and it's time to leave.

So now we're waiting for the local EMA to tell us when it's time to evacuate the Valley, east side and west side, most likely only as a precaution. Better to move to a higher location gradually "just in case," rather than a mass movement very quickly. We've done this before; it's part of life here. Luckily for me, those of us who live on a slight hill just a few yards above the flat "flood plain" area will not be affected.

The storms are gone; the sun is out and it's a very nice day. Then you look at the flood gates going up at each end of the Market Street Bridge, the water almost up to the bridge, and it won't crest for another twelve hours.

What's worse than being on River Street? A block away, the county prison is just below us on Water Street.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom, we all hope you will be well. Keep in touch.

June 28, 2006 7:15 PM  
Blogger Reading Reader said...

You are always welcome here in Spring Township. Just say the word.

June 29, 2006 9:01 AM  
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