Saturday, June 10, 2006

I *CAN* Get That Satisfaction

One of the most satisfying days of my life: the Motorola two-way radio salesman came calling at our invitation. Several of us gathered in the Security Officer's room, including the Business Manager and I (introduced as a dorm counselor or something, and dressed in a suit). As he spoke, I sat there, glassy-eyed, sometimes staring out the window, obviously bored and out of place.

You see, Motorola has a reputation for, well, they don't have a reputation for being honest to the dot over the last "i" and the crossarm thru the last "t," especially when dealing with unknowing customers.

Meanwhile, back at the sales pitch, the others were paying close attention to The Man Behind The Curtain as he pulled the levers and pushed the buttons. Finally, with a condescending smile, he turned to me and said, "I guess you wouldn't understand any of this." I smiled back and said, "I hold a First-Class FCC Broadcast Engineer's License." I kept my smile as his disappeared into the "Oh, sh*t" realization that someone had been sitting there listening to his overstatements, mis-statements and baloney -- knowing just what was going on.

I kept an expectant smile going. He cleared his throat and went to Plan B: Be a little more honest. It was a wonderful afternoon.

* * *

Yesterday's blog mis-identified the Stan Freberg morality play. It should have been "Incident At Los Voraces," a Spanish word meaning, "The Greedy Ones." I think the last time I heard it was around 1960, so I was pretty close, considering.


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