Friday, June 09, 2006

My Brother Says, "I Never Get Lost."

From a piece he wrote, "Getting Lost."

I simply decided that I would no longer get lost, but rather I would find new places. YES … and to my kids and wife, "Stuff that in your pipes."

It worked, aw man did it ever work. Unbelievable.

What a pleasure to know that if I missed a fork, 'twas no big deal. One time while driving west in Arkansas I had overdosed my tolerance for Interstates and got off and took a secondary road, and drove and drove and near Ozark my wife saw a sign for a vineyard. Huh…A vineyard in Arkansas? Well I’ll be dipped in… Let’s go, and we did. Turns out that there are a few German families out in that area and it is sort of a micro-climate there and they produce some pretty interesting wines.

We purchased a few and headed on and saw, in Ozark a park, Aux-Arcs. I’m from Québec. This interested me very much, so we stopped. Turns out that Ozark is a twisted name for Aux-Arcs, which in this case means a bend in the river. This bend was a meeting place for fur trappers/traders and First Nation people. Well now I surely went to sleep a bit less dumber that night. I didn’t get lost, I found a new place.

We were out in New Mexico or maybe Arizona, I dunno. I liked the road, had no idea where I was or where I was going and in the middle of nowhere found a sign, "Hot Springs, turn left 10 miles." We did. Fantastic find. Best hot springs we visited on the trip, and we did taste a few, believe me. And you know what? I wasn’t lost, I found a new place. Amazing isn’t it?

In my photo album and in my travel log there are testimonies of the best and worst finds, but mostly there are notations of many, many fine people whom we have met along the way, the down home folk who know how to say "Howdy" and mean it.


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