Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Why Work? Today's The E.O.T.W.

Just sitting here waiting for Jeesus to come on a cloud of glory, angels in front, to his left and right, fiery chariots abounding. It's 666 Day: 6/6/06. Or is that the AntiChrist Day? Is this the day when the Devil comes to take over the world, prancing about in his black pointed shoes, long red cape, trident, pointed tail and horns, wicked grin on his face?

In the sequential numbers that PennDOT hands out to our cars, we had license plate number PKY666 and the local Born Again kept reminding us that it was the devil's car. We kept reminding him that he needed to get a life and, with it, a hobby.

I was in the front seat of a MetroNorth commuter train, the kind where the control cab is right in with the passengers. A new engineer was being shown the route and his trainer commented on the overhead catenaries (MetroNorth is electrified). "Right here, where this branch track joins the main line," he said, "we go from catenary 665 to 667. There's no 666; I don't know why."

Many people have devised many sure-fire ways to discern The Great Day, the Second Coming. The Apostles had it pretty much figured out; they lost. Down through the years, many others have …!Eureka!... come up with the date and, alas, like one current denomination, were left on the mountaintop like any group who waited on the wrong corner for the bus. Back around 1988, I think, one person said, "I realize we know not the day nor the hour, but it doesn't say we can't figure out the month and the year." I think he predicted September of 1988. Later that year, he said he would have to check his calculations again.

666? The smart money says it was a code phrase for Nero's name. The Book of Revelation was a "keep your chin up, we will survive" document for the early Christians in the midst of a dreadful persecution. All the imagery reflects back to the Old Testament and would have been recognized by the Jewish Christians of the day. Should any of those scrolls fall into Roman hands, they would not be able to make sense out of it. If you added up the numbers in Nero's name, it comes out to 666 and he was, in effect, the AntiChrist of the day.

Tomorrow, if there is a tomorrow, we'll talk about something else.


Blogger Cold Josh Vail said...

Well now.......How 'bout dat!

Jesse James drives his black #666 in Figure Eight Races...Jesse James is also a very rich driver too.....H-mmmmmmmmmmm, gets free stuff from Auto Zone.

June 06, 2006 4:28 PM  

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