Friday, November 26, 2010

A Death In The Area

Yet another soldier from this area lost his life in a far distant country. As usual, a young man who would have had a great place in our society as planned by his Creator, rather than stopping a bullet. The best and the brightest go down into the ground while the richest and the most powerful seem to keep their children safe from war.

Or so it seems.

If there is any consolation in this, at least the hate-filled folks from the Midwest family church did not make good on their promise to disgrace the soldier’s memory during his funeral and burial. I’d say it’s a good thing they didn’t and perhaps this time they did their homework.

For those reading this at a distance, Northeast Pennsylvania is where the Mafia chieftains live. They work in New York, but they live here among us. This “family,” that “family,” the next “family” – all neighbors, all loyal. You don’t have to fear them, you don’t have to agree with them; they know that.

But for a bunch of wandering hateful people who disrupt soldiers’ funerals, all bets are off. The local mobsters are dangerous people who care little about taking matters into their own hands. We secretly hoped this would happen just to teach a lesson.

The mis-named “Love Crusades” would turn into a “Retreat Disaster.”


Blogger D.B. Echo said...

I was hoping that perhaps the Eighth Street Bridge could have chosen to collapse at a critical moment during their visit. Or perhaps one of our many potholes could have snapped their axles, leaving them quite literally at the mercy of the locals. (I doubt they have AAA.)

November 29, 2010 4:18 PM  

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