Thursday, June 03, 2010

Odd; I Thought We Were On A Ship

So there we were. Well, there you were or there the commercial was; but certainly not me. Rock wall climbing, with all the danger of the bunny slope at the ski resort. A small golf course or putting green. A “Main Street” shopping center. Large outdoor movie theater. Hair styling and beauty salon.

Are we on a cruise ship, or walking down South Main Street in your city of choice? The only difference I see here is (a) you are paying a lot of $$ to experience what you can get for cheap at home and (b) instead of pavement under your feet, you have water under the hull. Each to his and/or her own, I guess.

I think cruising was better in the old days when the charts sort of ended mid-ocean with the admonition, “Here are dragons,” also popularly spoken of as, “Here, there be dragons.” You never knew what you were getting into when you reached the end of the known ocean; life got exciting at that point.

Rock walls, putting greens and movie theaters would suddenly not only take second place, but would immediately become useless when the dragons attacked.

What would one do these days if this someone spotted a dragon? In 1947, a ship captain noted in his log of having spotted The Flying Dutchman. That’s a pretty risky thing to do in the modern era. Der fliegende Holländer is a cursed ship’s master, Van der Decken, who you do not need anywhere near your cruise ship.


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