Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In Like A Lion

And out like an ice cube. What happened to the lamb? It was inside by the fireplace, rubbing its hooves together, trying to get warm. That’s where it was.

Even though I’m writing this blog late (actual typing date 4-18), trying to catch up, it was still only 45 this morning. In our long-running corruption investigation, the perps are being escorted to court in heavy jackets – no doubt concealing the tens of thousands of dollars they have denied stealing from the public.

In warmer weather, they’d be in light suits and the judges would carry the loot. Except for one thing: too many judges have already been caught themselves. Trials are now being heard by the blind statue holding the scales of justice who hasn’t realized yet that her scales should balance, but don’t. Hmmmm. Is she next?

Anyway, back to the weather. When I really need the car to heat up fast (“winter”) it doesn’t happen for about six minutes. Or, until I get to two specific landmarks, depending on where I am going. When I don’t, then the heater is there, smiling and ready, in just a couple of minutes. “But where were you last winter?” I ask.

The river is just down the hill from here. “Down the hill” is the operative phrase, as water seldom goes uphill. We are half a block from River Street, but that’s quite a hike for your average molecule of water already headed south. We get deer up here sometimes, but never has a fish gotten lost and knocked on our door for directions.