Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A Smidgen Of Glade Is A Nice Touch

My room does not have any rank odors in it; just the plain ordinary stuff of which rooms are made. It’s just too “white bread” for me, so I went out and actually spent some money (which will come as somewhat of a surprise to those who know me) and bought one of those Glade plug-in things that make rooms smell nice.

I think just a little bit of Apple Cinnamon makes the room warm to the nose. At least, that’s what is in the unit right now. I don’t know if people generally keep it in there all the time, but I generally plug it in only once or twice a day for a while and let the flavor linger in the air until it’s all gone. Maybe I can stretch it for a long time.

I also picked up, without thinking, some French Vanilla, which will probably make the place smell like a whorehouse. So let them talk.

The thought had passed through my mind of placing one in my studio. However, I’m working out of a large room, in one corner of it, and it might take days on the unit’s high heat to make any difference. These are pretty gentle things. I’m against candles on principle (principle: they use fire which can catch other things on fire).

Maybe this will put me in the mood to finally clean up my room. Who knows? A mug of apple cinnamon tea, some of the same in a Glade percolator, a big wastebasket and my friends might think that “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” had paid a surprise visit and discovered my apartment really did have a carpet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well if you are using Glade, why clea nup your room?

It's a guy thing, we all know where everything is located, in which pile we can find the Farmers' Almanac, on which chair carefully stored in a cardboard box ( easily removed if a guest shows up) in which are kept souvenir teabags you bought in Charlottetown in 2005, The Dec.3, 1995 New York Times, a screwdriver and a jar of assorted screws you bought at a tag sale 26 years ago and so far have used one to hang up a picture of Norman Rockwell at the barber shop.

you got Glade...your yearly effort is done and will certainly be appreciated whe nI show up at your grotto on Floor #2

Exit 318

March 18, 2010 7:54 AM  

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