Thursday, March 18, 2010

Last I Knew, He Was At The Alamo

Davy Crockett finally passed away. He really didn’t lose it at the Alamo, swatting Mexicans with the butt end of his rifle, as The Disney Fantasy Shop would have us believe. They never did show that Davy met his maker there, but we did understand that being out of ammo and also outnumbered wasn’t the best spot to be in.

The Walt Disney Company president/CEO said, on the passing of Fess Parker: “Like many kids growing up in the 50’s, Davy Crockett was my first hero, and I had the coonskin cap to prove it. Fess Parker’s unforgettable, exciting and admirable performance as this American icon has remained with me all these years, as it has for his millions of fans around the world. Fess is truly a Disney Legend, as is the heroic character he portrayed, and while he will certainly be missed, he will never be forgotten.”

Someone named Roger, on a web message board, said: “I was one of those kids too. My coonskin cap was as much a part of me as everyday life itself. Davy (Fess, too) was my first hero. I still know all the words to that song.”

Well, just don’t sing them. A friend of mine just did the other day and I had a hard time getting him to stop. I heard it often enough when the show was on tv. Liked Davy, liked Fess, hated the song.

Paul, same message board, said, “A true gentleman in real life. We need more actors and role models like Parker and Davey Crockett.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Back in the day, a Davey Crockett drove stock cars at Savin Rock in West Haven, Ct., he wasot driving a Mustang nor a Pinto, just a plain ol' hot rod


March 23, 2010 4:08 PM  

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