Friday, March 26, 2010

I Still Believe In Global Warming

I like taking the long view of things; it gives me a certain perspective. With a short view, any little change makes you think it’s permanent. Global warming, for instance.

The temps have been unusually low this past week and we’ve had a combination of sleet and snow today. We’ve had other cold snaps, as well, and the rise in the earth’s temp has been something on the order of 3/4 of a degree. Hardly worth mentioning, you might say, but only a three degree Celsius rise is over the top for our civilization.

Mother Nature doesn’t work over a winter, or a decade. She is slow and steady, but hard to stop when she does get into gear. Ex: There are two islands in the East that a couple of countries have been battling over. Let ‘em fight; the rising ocean levels have now covered them and there’s nothing to battle over.

I don’t know the frequency of ice-shelf breaks in Antarctica. We hear of them recently, but that does not necessarily mean it hasn’t happened before – nor does it mean it’s never happened. Perhaps nobody ever took note, or maybe it’s getting a bit too warm down there. But one shelf after another, one northern glacier after another, you’re in trouble.

Global warming is not a liberal or conservative thing. It’s a Mother Nature thing and she does not belong to any political party. When people on the Maldive Islands (elevation 5’) are buying up land in nearby Sri Lanka because the ocean is taking that elevation away, talk shows and commentators aren’t going to help. Unless we use them as sandbags.


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