Thursday, January 14, 2010

What Are The Implications?

The church I belong to is concerned about life on other planets, both in our galaxy and in any others out there. It is especially concerned about the implications for itself.

Let me offer a hint: There aren’t any.

The universe is so huge we can’t even imagine the distances between any two parts of it, much less of many sections. The only implications for us are if and when parts of it head our way [see previous “Our Galaxy’s Going to Collide!” posting]. Other than that, the best we can expect is to have excellent pictures to enlighten our minds.

I rather suspect no religion on any planet needs worry about a religion on some other planet, whether in the same enormous galaxy or in one unimaginably far away … as in, our next-door neighbor whose light takes 2.5 million years to reach us. We go there, check out their rituals, return and its five million years later at the speed of light.

Sometimes I wonder about people who seem to be more than usually concerned about the implications on their life by others’ actions. It never bothered me that some Hollywood star is on their fifth marriage; none of those people are role models for me. At least, they shouldn’t be.

Instead, what are the implications on my life of people around me who need my support, maybe a donation in times of trouble. The planets can take care of themselves.


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