Friday, May 01, 2009

More Bars In More Places

Yeah, that’s for sure. Bars and churches slugging it out for scarce real estate in a little burg across the river best known for fights, stabbings and gunfire. The bars usually win out over the churches.

When you go uphill on the main drag, counting the bars will give you tennis neck as you look first to the left, then to the right. Well, there is one less.

The Glass Bar got a little arson in the booze. There was a fight there, a little lead made its way from the party of the first part’s “equalizer” (as those things are known) into the innards of the party of the second part.

Nobody knew nothing, and them that did know weren’t talking. Eventually, the perp was located and is currently a guest of the county. The bar went up for sale but, a while later, it went up in a pretty good blaze, aided and abetted by a suitable amount of gas.

The owner was distraught, but that wasn’t anything compared to just how distraught when the Feds slapped a pair of cuffs on his wrists and read him his Miranda rights. (“You have the right not to dig yourself into a bigger hole than you’re already in…”)

The police chief says things are no different there than anywhere else around here, and maybe he’s right. But, darn it all to heck, there sure is a lot of action over there and I keep thinking, “More bars in more places; not good.”


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