Sunday, April 26, 2009

This Little Piggie Went To The Hospital

Wash your hands before you eat; use a few drops of Purell if possible. Keep your fingers out of your eyes, nose and mouth.

Actually, this is the preferred way of eliminating most forms of illness, be it piggy, the mis-named stomach flu (Norovirus), or most other things you can think of.

Maybe you keep a small bottle of Purell with you and, before you eat, you do a little hand wash with the stuff and suddenly you realize everybody else seems to get all those little illnesses that don’t bother you anymore.

I could be wrong, but I rather suspect this is the illness-du-jour, an outbreak that’s hardly a fart in a hurricane. The biggest scare tonight is in Canada: six mild cases in the entire country of four million square miles.

If cases start popping up around here? I’ll get a bottle of Purell and make sure I’ve washed up before I eat.

Will I worry? Only that people will go ape-sh*t and start instituting rules that make no medical sense.

Oh – chicken soup. Good for whatever ails you. Jewish Penicillin, they always called it, and a can of it a day at lunch will cure anything.


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