Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jolly Joe And The Chicken Dance

Local polka star Jolly Joe (son of Lefty and his Accordion) passed away recently. His band was the first to have recorded The Chicken Dance. For what that’s worth. He was a great guy, willing to help anyone get started in the business, whose word was as good as a handshake. Not an enemy in the world.

However, an animal-rights group has taken up the cause of the Chicken Dance, attacking it with vigor. The case in point seems to be NASCAR fans doing said dance, apparently during races.

The group, as I understand it and may go so far as to quote whatever source I found online, “has not gone so far as to say the dance offends chickens, though a couple of trips to wedding receptions might prove otherwise.”

They are in a high dudgeon [“a fit or state of indignation”] over a race which may have already been held yesterday at the Talladega Speedway in which only NASCARians at Talladega would even think of doing: Setting a record by getting 125,000 fans to (gasp!) do the Chicken Dance at once.

Them what’s in the High Dudgeon wants the Guinness World Records book people “to ignore all the fingers, wing flapping, hip shaking and clapping.”

“Our feelings do go out for the man or woman forced to verify this achievement.”


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