Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Please Drink Responsibly

The ads for alcohol seem to be stressing “Drink Responsibly” more than I recall in the past. There always seemed to be a little barely-visible reminder down near the bottom of the screen, but now it appears in a more prominent location and the announcer is also stressing it more than before. Which is not a bad idea.

Maybe we should put the warning on condom boxes, as well. “Boink Responsibly” isn’t quite the image I’d want to present, but some sort of warning would be in order. You don’t just hook up like dogs in the front yard, or monkeys on the National Geographic Channel. Nor do you go to Lover’s Lane (we’ve got one locally, nicknamed “The Baby Road”) and bang away.

“Complain Responsibly” is another great idea. Instead of coming on with all guns blazing, bayonets fixed, grenades flying, why not just approach whoever and quietly point out what appears to be the problem? You get a lot further that way and, if there is a next time, the people will be more willing to work with you.

Speak Responsibly. If it’s not true, don’t say it; if you’re not sure, wait until you are. If it’s bad, forget it; if it’s good, spread it. Don’t think an accusation is proof; it’s not and the plural of “rumor” is not “fact.”

Don’t say, “They did it because I’m (fill in the space).” They probably didn’t. It almost certainly was your fault and not your race, gender or anything else.


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