Monday, November 24, 2008

Another Monkey

“Another Monkey,” he calls himself; at least, that’s what he calls his blog and it’s on this very same site, Blogspot. Well, Another Monkey has accomplished something Things At King’s has not: A nice full-page article in the local newspaper.

We are going through a lot of church closings around these parts and A.M. feels it might be a good idea to photograph the stained-glass windows because they show themselves only from the inside. There has to be light coming through them to be illuminated and you have to be up close to see all the detail – which is not possible from the street of a closed church. Or anywhere, if the place gets blown up.

Our blogger friend is trying to preserve the images in those windows, a difficult thing to do if you can’t get up really close to get detail and risk overexposing due to the sunlight coming through the lighter parts of the glass.

Stained-glass windows generally tell a story, or illustrate something we already know. Some do this better than others. We had a church near my grandparents’ house, which had the richest colored stained glass I have ever seen. Those apostles were dressed as if they shopped at Neiman-Marcus, and not the bargain basement. At a young age, I was greatly impressed with what I saw each Sunday.

I recommend you try and see what our friend is trying to do. It’s a good attempt to save these images.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I shoot stained glass in churches now andthen. True there is a great story inthese pieces of art. A.M. just gave me a great project idea!


November 26, 2008 7:29 AM  

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