Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Numbers From The Far East

From an article in Sunday’s New York Times magazine section, “Beijing by the Numbers.”

$40 billion: Amount spent on stadiums and infrastructure ahead of the Olympics.

14,901 residents relocated to make way for Olympic venues, according to a Beijing municipal official. Or: 1,500,000 residents evicted, according to a human-rights group.

2,008: Bus shelters with ads for Coke, the official soft drink.

4,104 Chinese children given the name “Aoyun” (Olympic Games).

12,777: Population of Tuvalu, the Olympics’ smallest nation. OR: 1.3 billion: Population of China, the largest.

300,000 high-tech public surveillance cameras in Beijing during the Games.

6: Types of foreigners prohibited from visiting Beijing during the Games. This includes those suffering from mental disorders or insanity.

4,500 drug tests that will be conducted.


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