Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The New Kitty

I’ve been busy the last few days taking care of Sitka, our new kitty, who lives with my friend (well, actually our non-adopted adopted family member) about 15 minutes away from here. She, or we, had another kitty, who was taken from us by a sudden stroke six months ago at about ten years old.

“Sitka” is an Alaskan name, after an island town in the Southeast part of the state. The previous Think You Own Me was named for the village of Kenai, on the same-named peninsula at the bottom of the state.

This one seems to have a shoe fetish. I take mine off when I enter the house; then Sitka enters the shoes. Eventually, he will be too big to stick his head all the way in, but right now, he seems to get some real pleasure out of them.

He’s also at the “still want to be held” stage. Or maybe it’s not a stage; maybe he finds us comfortable arms to be in. I do know that if he’s lying there and I stretch out the main arm he’s on, he just stays put without a bit of worry that I might drop him or he might fall. A very trusting kitty is Sitka.

He’s not very independent as yet. I like cats for that reason; dogs are all over you, licking and sniffing, while cats barely turn around to see who just came in.

We will just have to train him to ignore us and be a proper cat.


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