Sunday, July 06, 2008

I Can't Figure, For The Life Of Me

What difference 1/10th of a cent makes, and how we explain this to people from other countries. I mean, we are thinking of rounding off prices to the nearest nickel, and my favorite restaurant already does it, but gasoline is $4.04 9/10 per gallon. Just say $4.05 and get it over with. We’re all adults; we can add.

Does anyone really need to eat 66 hot dogs? I can get down two, maybe three if I haven’t had anything in, say, the last day or so. But 66 to win a contest (or 63, if you are in second place) is an awful lot. I hope people in Haiti aren’t watching on the village’s one tv. One hot dog a day would make some people real happy in many countries.

Lewis Black. Funny guy, excellent commentator on all things current. Thinks he can’t get through two or three sentences without using a particularly foul word that begins with “f.” I watched him one night and noticed that he’s no more funny using that word, and would not be any less funny without it. I listen to a lot of people talk and find they can get their point across just as well using proper-in-church language.

“We’re sorry, but all our agents are busy at this time; please stand by for the next available agent.” If you are that busy, then you must be prospering well enough to hire another agent or two so I don’t have to listen to what you think passes as music, along with the recorded sales pitches in between.

Do they expect us to believe those “800” ads are for things that work?


Blogger Bill Mecca said...

:lol: I remember Andy Rooney, a number of years back on 60 minutes, walking up to gas pump after gas pump, trying to buy One gallon of gas.
Couldn't do it.

July 09, 2008 9:29 AM  

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